Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Name: Alice González Cavalcanti de A
Hometown: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Year: Class of 2010
Major: Electrical Engineering and Music (5 Year Arts/Engineering Program)

Piano, Rossin Junior Fellow, Senior Class Gift Officer for the Class of 2010, Volunteer note-taker for the Support Services for Students with Disabilities office, Zoellner Arts Center Stage Crew member, Lehigh Liners (Lehigh Fund) student supervisor, Diversity Delegate.

What's the best kept secret about Lehigh?
It is rather random, but I’ve heard that there are secret underground tunnels that connect some buildings.

What has been your most memorable experience at Lehigh?
Many special moments come to my mind and it is hard to pick only one. I particularly remember a final exams week that I spent in the study lounge of my residence hall, almost 24/7. Although generally the memories of final exams are not that enjoyable, that week was special, as most of my best friends were also studying in the same place and we took random breaks throughout the night to “exchange a song” or to go for a walk.

Another special moment was when one of my lectures was interrupted as the Lehigh Marching Band entered the auditorium playing the “traditional” Goblet Song that sounds throughout the campus during the Lehigh-Lafayette week.

My favorite class/professor:
During my time at Lehigh I had the chance to interact with many wonderful professors that it is almost impossible for me to mention only one. Douglas Frey, from the Electrical Engineering Department, is a professor that I truly admire. Besides his humorous way of teaching (something that keeps students engaged in his lectures), he has been of great support to me, having spent several of his office hours helping me figure out my course selection for my study abroad program.

Why did you choose Lehigh?
First of all, I liked the fact that it seemed pretty common for Engineering students at Lehigh to be engaged in some sort of music activity/program, something that applied to me. Furthermore, the prestige of the academic programs (particularly the Engineering program) attracted me. I also liked the size of the student population: big enough for students not to know everyone around (so there is always the chance to meet new people) but small enough for professors to know you by your name (and not only!) Being close to NYC and Philadelphia was a plus. Last, but not least, I chose Lehigh because of the generous financial aid package that I was offered.

What do you wish you knew about Lehigh before you arrived on campus?
I wish I knew how many stairs are around the campus! From the positive side, they definitely add up to the beauty of the campus and constitute a compulsory work out. But if you are carrying huge suitcases uphill at the beginning of the year, stairs are no good news. Try to find out exactly where you will be living before you get here, so that your cab/ride drops you and your bags at the door and saves you from a painful uphill walk carrying too much weight on your arms.

How did Lehigh help you transition to life in the US?
Even though I spoke English before coming to Lehigh, when I got here I wasn’t confident enough to take English classes along with native English speakers. I had the chance to take English as a Second Language in my first semester and gained the confidence to move on to a second semester of classes with native speakers.

What is your favorite location on campus?
Indoors: Linderman Library. It is just stunning. Plus, the coffee place downstairs is a cool place to talk or have something to drink while reading a book or a magazine. Also, The Hawk’s Nest. It is a great place to hang out with your friends late at night. You can enjoy one of their yummy milkshakes while having a chat or playing pool. Outdoors: University Walk. I love the different colors that you see throughout the year, as the seasons change.

Where's the best food on and off campus?
My favorite place on campus is Rathbone. They have more vegetarian options than any other place on campus, and their weekend omelets (at brunch) are just amazing. Off campus, my friends and I used to go to “La Lupita.” It is a really simple Mexican restaurant just one block away from the Lehigh Campus, but they have great Fajitas and their Sopapillas with ice cream are unbelievably good.